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ABOUT US is an online branch of AL-Furqan Children Academy Pakistan, a renowned and well established Islamic center of Qurra's, it is established in 1998. 
The Qurras and Trained Teachers of this institute have shown great excellence, knowledge and command in the field of Qiraat. The results of all national and many international recitation competitions prove that. Now our enlightened and well trained Qurras are serving Quran all over the world. This madrassa is recognized by the Ministry of education, Govt. of Pakistan.

There remains a great need for online Quran teaching to the millions of Muslims living in Europe and America, who cannot have easy access to Islamic centers and Madariss. Therefore is established to facilitate these Muslims. There are many institutes currently providing online Quran teaching services. They are doing good jobs, but many of them lack proper training and experience in the field of Qiraat. provides experienced, trained, motivated and dedicated Qurras for online teaching. We also offer proper certificates to the students who complete the courses and passed the exams.


Our Quran Tutors are:

Well aware with the rules of Recitation.
Have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel.
Trained from educational organizations.
Have excellent command on Arabic, English and Urdu languages to speak with their students and to deliver lectures.
Highly motivated and understand the complexities faced in this profession.
Believe in student-centered teaching
Benefits of Reciting the Quran.

Reading and reflecting over Quran fulfils Islamic duty

Learn Quran will be a proof for us on Day of Judgment.

The Quran will intercede for us on the Day of Judgment.

Your status in this life will be raised.

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I found online learning Quran very easy and interesting. It is best to focus concentration during lesson. is best place to learn Quran online.
Abdullah Huston,
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