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 We offer following courses:

1) Elementary Courses

  • Qaida: learning of  Arabic/ Quranic Alphabets.
  • Nazira: learning how to read Quran correctly.
  • Taleem-ul-Islam: Basic Guidiance of Islam
  • 40 Ahadith.
  • Hifz: memorizing Quran by heart.

2) Advance Courses

  • Husne-Qiraat : Training in recitation of Quran in Different styles of Qurra.
  • Tajweed: reading Quran with accurate pronunciation and rules and regulations of Qiraat.
  • Translation of Quran.
  • Qiraat-e-Saba.
  • Arabic language.
  • 3 years Islamic Studies Course (Derasaate Islamia, according to the syallabus of Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabia)

3) Special courses

  • Complete Guidiance of Islam Course for New Muslims
  • Making ablution (wadu).
  •  Method of offering 5 times prayers.
  • Duas.
  • Urdu language.
  • Any other Islamic course of your choice.

3 Easy Steps to Start the Class

Step 1
Click to install skype and then make an skype id. If you already have an skype id, follow step 2 & 3 only.
Step 2
Fill the following details.

Step 3

Come online through skype at your above mentioned time. Our teacher will be ready. He will share his screen with you and start lesson.

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I found online learning Quran very easy and interesting. It is best to focus concentration during lesson. is best place to learn Quran online.
Abdullah Huston,
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